WittCare Vacuum - Camilla Maibom

”The treatment was really effective..”

”Vacuum therapy has performed miracles in healing my foot. I twisted it at handball training, and suffered from severe pains and swellings. After intense vacuum therapy, I was able to walk painlessly again, and the swelling disappeared after just three treatments.
The treatment was really effective and made it possible for me to return to the handball court.”

Camilla Maibom - Handball player


”After each use, I feel much better…”

”My experience with vacuum therapy is pretty well. I startede using the treatment because my legs were tired after a lot of games and practices. After each use, I feel much better, my legs are not that heavy like before. I am glad that I can use it before every game, because I feel it works.
I also used the Vacuum Therapy Arm for my injured hand. I got a hit to my wrist, my hand got much bigger, but after a couple of times in Vacuum Therapy Arm, the pressure was gone.”

Adam Havlik - Hockey player


 ”After every use of vacuum therapy my body and my legs are feeling awesome…”

”I started using vacuum therapy during the regular season. We were playing 2-3 games per week, so that’s a lot of energy. I felt tired after the games, especially my legs, so I was searching for a way to recover my body in very short period of time. After every use of vacuum therapy my body and my legs are feeling awesome. Thank you!

Aleš Sova - Hockey player

WittCare Vacuum - Nicolaj Nørager

”I recover faster..”

”After just two vacuum therapy session, the mobility of my leg had improved. Before, I couldn’t even bend it due to a thigh contusion, but now I can bend it more than 90 degrees. I feel an ongoing improvement, and I recover faster after every vacuum therapy session.”

Nicolaj Nørager - Handball player


”Tina uses intermittent vacuum therapy to increase reduction of lactic acid and swollen leg…”

”Tina exercises and pushes her body to the max!
Tina uses intermittent vacuum therapy to increase reduction of lactic acid and swollen legs. In addition, she uses it for constant post-workout restitution. We are happy to be able to help Tina.”

Tina Facius - Weightlifter


”There can be no doubt about the positive effects of the treatment!”

“To be honest, I was sceptical when a friend of mine suggested vacuum therapy to relieve my shin splints; but as the pains went away – practically overnight – I changed my tune!

There can be no doubt about the positive effects of the treatment! Not only was I able to run again after just two days; I went from complete inactivity to going on frequent, high-intensity runs. I had only two weeks to train, before I needed to scale down just before the Ironman triathlon, so I had to push myself. It seemed impossible to go from being completely injured to doing high-intensity runs frequently. I had vacuum therapy three times a week during those two weeks, and it kept my legs up for the challenge. Without difficulty, I was able to increase exercise frequency as well as intensity. I went from being sure I couldn’t compete to completing the best Ironman of my life with a finishing time of under three hours. It was amazing!

I would certainly do vacuum therapy again, if I was injured or as a precautionary measure when I need to maximise my training!”

Rasmus Grønbæk Nielsen - AG Triathlet

Selvan VacuSport®

“I can walk, run and jump without difficulties, and I’m back at playing handball…”

5 months ago, I broke my ankle and had to undergo an operation where a metal plate was inserted with screws. It has taken me a long time to get better, particularly regarding mobility of my ankle joints.

I saw a physiotherapist 4-5 times a week for rehabilitation, massages and laser treatment.

Despite all my visits to the physiotherapist, I didn’t make much progress, and I wanted to get back on my feet faster.

After two weeks of IVT, I’m able to do 100kg in single leg press compared to the 50kg I could do before. I can walk, run, jump without difficulties, and I’m back at playing handball.

In addition, vacuum therapy has resulted in faster muscle growth and increased strength in my legs, and my ankle joint is much more flexible.

The leg pains, swellings, soreness and restlessness are all gone, and I feel more fit after training.

I’m really grateful for the physiotherapy I received and IVT at WittCare.

In the future, I want to continue vacuum therapy.

Selvan NageSan


“…just a week and a half after my injury, I experienced a marked improvement…”

”I am very happy with intermittent vacuum therapy. The treatment was particularly useful when I had a groin strain. I had vacuum therapy twice a day, in combination with physiotherapy. The results were remarkable. An ultrasound examination originally determined that I wouldn’t play for the rest of the season, but just a week and a half after my injury, I experienced a marked improvement and I was almost fit to play. I was able to join the training well before the start of the season, and I completed it without any problems.”

Erik Sviatchenko, professional football player


“Never before I have felt so great…”

“During the 24 hours race at the Nürnburgring I have made my first experience with the vacuum-therapy. Never before I have felt so great and recovered after a 24 hours race!”

Joachim Oberföll, 24 hours cyclist

Vacuum Therapy Sport

…an increase in the performance of 5 to 10%…

“I have been using the vacuum-therapy for a certain period now. It is very important to know that the real effect you experience with the next work-out. The vacuum-therapy is ideal for races in stages as we have one night in addition to recover.

I think that we can talk about an increase in the performance of 5 to 10%, which is a huge advantage!”

Günter Sandmann, MTB cyclist

Vacuum Therapy Sport

…I am always looking forward using the Vacuum Therapy Sport after the race…

“I am using the vacuum-therapy for more than one year now. I am convinced about the great effects. Especially after strong muscular exposure, which you have in the mountain tracks, the vacuum-therapy demonstrates it´s strengths. During stage races I am always looking forward using the vacuum-therapy after the race in order to regenerate my legs and even whole body. I think using the vacuum-therapy brings a significant advantage to be able to wear the “leader dress” at the end of racing day. Thanks again for being able to use the vacuum-therapy.”

Robert Mennen, MTB cyclist and multiple German and World Champion

Vacuum Therapy Sport

…it helps reducing the recovery time significantly.

“I can just recommend the vacuum-therapy application. After hard workouts in the preparation for races or as a regeneration tool after races and competitions it is simply a well-being for stressed muscles. In the next day the muscles are significantly more flexible and fit for service. Also after injuries regarding muscles, I have had great experiences with the vacuum-therapy. After ruptures of the muscle fibres it helps reducing the recovery time significantly.

I would like to continue using the vacuum-therapy in my training programme! Thanks to XP Sports!”
Anne Stein-Kirch, multiple MTB race winner