Eva Olesen i vakuum

“I feel a striking improvement after vacuum therapy…”

”For the last 4 years, I have suffered from calf muscle pains, heel spurs, cold feet and a shooting pain in my feet. After receiving vacuum therapy, I feel a striking improvement. My heel spur doesn’t hurt anymore, and my feet are no longer cold. The shooting pain has disappeared completely, and my calf muscles are not constantly tight.”

Eva Olesen

Anna McGregor i vakuum

“I highly recommend vacuum therapy…”

”I started therapy in the hope that it would reduce the chronic pains in my feet, and it worked. The pain has been reduced, and if it suddenly flares up, I just go for an extra treatment. In addition, my energy level has been increased – I highly recommend vacuum therapy at WittCare.”

Anna McGregor

Lisbeth Thøgersen i vakuum

“Vacuum therapy has allowed me to sleep better and keep my hands and feet warm…”

”I suffer from osteoarthritis in my lower back, and over a period of time the pains had increased dramatically. I needed to find a type of therapy that would ease the pain to make it bearable for me, and that would allow me to start exercising again to strengthen my back and stop my osteoarthritis from worsening.

Vacuum therapy has reduced my pains enough for me to do the exercises prescribed by my physiotherapist, which means my everyday life is practically pain-free.

In addition, vacuum therapy has allowed me to sleep better and keep my hands and feet warm. My digestion has also improved. It may not me directly linked to the therapy, but my menopause hot flashes also vanished in the therapy period – fantastic!”

Lisbeth Thøgersen

Sven-Erik Vestergaard i vakuum

 “…my legs are no longer swollen and tired – I am very pleased…”

”I used to suffer from a poor blood circulation and swollen legs. They got tired, and I had to wear support stockings to go on flights.
After 10 vacuum therapy sessions, my legs are no longer swollen and tired – I’m very pleased. As an added bonus, my eczema, said by the doctor to be caused by a poor blood return flow, is getting better.”

Sven-Erik Vestergaard

Lisbeth Juhl i vakuum

“I can get a good night’s sleep again…”

”For several years, I suffered from joint pains and oedema with nightly cramps in both feet, which affected my sleep negatively. After just 3-4 treatments I was sleeping better. My pains and cramps are reduced, and my mobility is increased. My entire body – and my mood – is better.”

Lisbeth Juhl, Karup

Kim Ercininks i vakuum

 “I can feel cold and warmth in my feet again…”

”For 20 years, I battled against diabetes-related complications. At WittClinic, I received a professional treatment and after just 6-7 vacuum sessions, my sense of touch in my legs and feet had been improved. For several years before then I had no sense of touch in my legs, but now I can sense cold and warmth. That means the world to me.”

Kim Ercininks, Herning

Trine Olsson i vakuum

 “After vacuum therapy, I only take ordinary paracetamol when needed…”

”I suffer from fibromyalgia and the accompanying pains. Earlier, I experienced numerous, severe pains and had to take a lot of painkillers. After vacuum therapy, I only take ordinary paracetamol when needed. In addition, my energy levels are up. Right before I started vacuum therapy, I burnt my arm. The wound healed much quicker than I have experienced previously.”

Trine Olsson

Henrik Würtz i vakuum

“I can walk much longer now, pain-free…”

”I used to experience a lot of pains in my thigh when I walked, and I could only walk a few hundred meters before I had to stop and rest. I can walk much longer now, pain-free.
My muscular pains and the tensions in my shoulders and neck are completely gone. In addition, I feel more energetic.”

Henrik Würtz

Edel Holbøll i vakuum

“I have more energy, and my headache is gone…”

”I almost couldn’t walk or stand because of the pains. Now, I have more energy; my headache is gone, and so are the pains in my lower back.”

Edel Holbøll

Betina Kvist Knudsen i vakuum

“Even my old pregnancy stretch marks have been reduced…”

”I have experienced many positive results from vacuum therapy, and I’m very satisfied with the treatment. I was suffering from heel spores and shin splints, but vacuum therapy cleared away the inflammation. In addition, my old pregnancy stretch marks have been reduced.”

Betina Kvist Knudsen, Herning

Birthe Christensen i vakuum

“I suffer from osteoarthritis in both knees…”

”My legs have become much more agile after receiving vacuum therapy and the pains have been reduced. My thighs and legs are not as tight, a little thinner and I feel more comfortable. It’s easier for me to get out of bed in the morning.”

Birthe Christensen, Herning

Kaj Simonsen i vakuum

“I thought my leg had to be amputated…”

”After I had a blood clot in 2015, I was in so much pain I thought my leg had to be amputated – the hospital told me it would always be visible, and that I had to wear support stockings. After 25 vacuum therapy sessions, my pains disappeared completely, and I don’t have to wear support stockings anymore.”

Kaj Simonsen, Herning

Erik Andersen i vakuum

“Sensation has returned to my feet…”

”Previously, I couldn’t sense warmth or cold in my feet or toes – I even stepped on a thorn once without noticing. I had difficulties sensing the ground under my feet when I walked or stood still. Vacuum therapy changed all that! Sensation has returned to my feet!”

Erik Andersen, Tjørring

Jette Madsen i vakuum

“Vacuum therapy at WittClinic in Gødstrup has given me my life back!”

”I was severely restricted for almost 10 years because of my illness, but after approx. 30 vacuum therapy sessions, I’m gradually becoming my old self again.


I haven’t felt this good in ten years.”

Jette Madsen, Herning

Merethe Melgaard i vakuum

“The blood flow in my legs has improved…”

”I was run into from behind by a cyclist in 2001 and had a blood clot in one leg. I also suffer from swellings, varicose veins and a curvature of my spine. I feel cleansed, my well-being and general health have both improved, and I have more energy. The blood flow in my legs has improved. They feel warm again, and my varicose veins are better. My back is noticeably better, and the pains are not as pronounced.

Merethe Melgaard, Herning