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Vacuum Therapy

Vacuum therapy enhances the quality of life and supports the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Intelligent Pressure Therapy (IPT) provides an effective treatment and relief of various symptoms related to peripheral artery disease (PAD). Studies show a significant improvement in blood circulation, which enhances blood flow – especially to the lower extremities of the body (arms, hands, legs, and feet). IPT, the microcirculation seems to be stimulated and the return of blood flow is likely to be strengthened. IPT enhances the quality of life for patients suffering from PAD.*

“…I can finally get a good night’s sleep…”

”Before I tried Intelligent Pressure Therapy, I experienced leg cramps and restless legs day and night, which ruined my sleep. After only four treatments, the cramps started to disappear, and I can finally get a good night’s sleep again.”...

“I recover faster…”

”After just two Intelligent Pressure Therapy sessions, the mobility of my leg had improved. Before, I couldn’t even bend it due to a thigh contusion, but now I can bend it more than 90 degrees. I feel an ongoing improvement, and I recover faster after every...

“I am able to go to work again…”

”I experienced severe pains in my legs and feet; it felt like my feet were on fire. I used to take strong pain killers, but I still slept very poorly at night. After receiving Intelligent Pressure Therapy, I’m able to sleep through the night and go to work again. My...

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